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Attending events organized by Family Concepts in Cincinnati, Ohio, inspires and motivates others to be their best. We produce events that are uniquely created by our company, bringing in top-notch vendors with unique goods and services to benefit our community. 

What We Do

In the past, our event planners have tackled bridal shows, Babies and Lil’ Kids expos, Voices of the Overcomers (motivational talks from those who have overcome catastrophic life events), as well as church events. All year, we provide a full calendar of events that include topics, such as health-related gatherings, senior expos, financial empowerment shows, business conferences, and more. At Family Concepts Events, we want to plan an event that our clients will remember for years.

Count on Family Concepts Events

Whether you’re a business owner looking to bring your employees together to bond and enhance their skill or you need to plan a wedding, our event planners have the experience and know-how to bring everything together seamlessly. We’re dedicated to making your event one to remember for all those who attend. We do this by making it unique for your specific group.

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Let Us Inspire Your Life

Contact Family Concepts Events for more information on how we can make your vision a reality. Impacting the community with event planning is one of the ways we strive to make the world a better place.